...Before You Take the Second Dose

Having Second Thoughts? Keep Reading.

...Before You Take the Second Dose

Having Second Thoughts? Keep Reading.

Explanation of the Abortion Pill

The Abortion Pill (also referred to as a medical abortion) is actually a series of pills and two different medications that you take up to 72 hours apart to end your pregnancy.

The first medication, Mifepristone, is typically taken at your doctor’s office or abortion clinic. This medication blocks the action of your body’s progesterone, which is a needed hormone for a pregnancy to progress normally.

The second medication, Misoprostol, is taken up to 72 hours later, typically at home. This medication will cause uterine contractions which empty your uterus. 


Costs of the Abortion Pill

So, what does an abortion cost? There is a financial cost of an abortion to be sure, but there are also physical and emotional costs to consider.


The abortion pill regimen varies widely in cost, depending where you live and where you get it – generally between $300 and $800.


Secondly, there is the physical cost to consider. It can be difficult to understand the physical toll of an abortion on a woman’s body, but there are some important things to consider. Hemorrhage, cramping, infection, hormonal imbalance, infertility, and death are just some of the potential consequences.  These physical effects can be intense and some of them can impact your health and fertility permanently.


The hidden cost of an abortion, the emotional cost, is one that few women consider because it’s a taboo subject in our culture. Abortion is supposed to bring relief to a woman’s situation, so when she has post-abortion feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, regret, shame, or thoughts of suicide instead, these feelings have added impact because they come as a surprise to her. These emotions can manifest soon after the abortion or surface years later. Since she was the one who made the choice to have an abortion, the post-abortive woman may feel like she has no right to these intense feelings. Emotional healing is possible after abortion, but many women say they would have made a different choice if they had known the devastation abortion would cause in their lives.



Home pregnancy tests are all different and some can be tricky to read. Also, many different factors can impact the reliability of home pregnancy tests.


It is common for women to be wrong about the dating of their pregnancy. Taking the abortion pill when you are too far along can be ineffective or dangerous.


Many early pregnancies end in miscarriage naturally for a variety of reasons. Before spending money on an abortion, it’s important to find out if the pregnancy is healthy enough to continue on its own.


Certain sexually transmitted infections can cause serious and permanent complications if left untreated before an abortion.


Those women who take both the first and second medication are usually left to dispose of the discarded pregnancy on their own. They can expect several hours of pain as their body expels the pregnancy. This experience is often compared to a miscarriage. Additionally, you should know that women have experienced failure with the abortion pill, and then need to continue with the more costly and medically-invasive in-clinic abortion. 

Abortion, as with any medical procedure, carries the risk of serious side effects. In order for you to make the best possible decision for yourself, you need to be fully aware of these risks and side effects.

Every woman’s body is different, and some find that they experience few side effects, while others report multiple and severe effects. Additionally, some side effects are immediate (most of the physical effects fall into that category), while some take weeks or years to present (namely, psychological and emotional side effects).

Possible Complications of the Abortion Pill

Serious Infection

Risk of infection is a very serious possibility with the abortion pill. Occasionally, the abortion pill is not successful in fully completing the abortion, and fetal tissue can remain in the uterus. If this happens and goes unnoticed, dangerous and possibly life-threatening infection can occur due to that tissue remaining the uterus.


During the course of the abortion completion, it is normal for a certain amount of bleeding and cramping to occur as a woman’s body expels the tissue from the uterus. Excessive bleeding, or hemorrhaging, is also a possibility during this time. While hemorrhaging due to the abortion pill is uncommon, it should be known that this complication has been known to result in death.

If, after taking the abortion pill, you are experience heavy bleeding, you should consult your healthcare provider immediately.

Increased Risk of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

If the abortion pill is taken while infected with the STD Chlamydia, it can lead to a 23% increased risk of the more-serious Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)*. Chronic pain, abscesses and infertility are side effects of PID. Therefore, it is important before taking the abortion pill to determine whether or not you have an STI, as it can have negative, serious long-lasting effects on your health and future.

*more information

Mental Health

Although rarely talked about, many women find that they experience new or re-triggered mental health issues post-abortion. Among those issues can be depression, anxiety, and even trauma-related symptoms.


Scarring in the uterus due to infections caused by the abortion pill are a possibility, and can lead to future infertility or ectopic pregnancies.

Complications Due to No Medical Supervision

The abortion pill is typically taken in the privacy of home. This leaves a woman alone and without any medical supervision when she is expelling the pregnancy tissue. Medical abortions (the abortion pill) may seem like an easy procedure to complete at home. However, it is still considered a medical procedure, and a serious one at that. Which means that potentially serious health complications can arise. Without medical supervision immediately accessible, or the full medical knowledge to know when something isn’t right, the potential for further dangerous complications to occur is increased.

It is absolutely vital that, no matter what type of abortion you have undergone, you receive a post-abortion assessment from a medically trained professional.

Ordering the Abortion Pill Online

The FDA has recently approved the selling of the abortion pill online in the United States.

Until very recently (as recently as November of 2021), the FDA had warned against purchasing the abortion pill online.  This change to their stance could potentially be very harmful to women. There was a reason they had previously warned against this.


The FDA sets up regulations and safeguards that are designed to protect you.  When ordering online, you cannot know if the pills you’re ordering are verified, or what possible side effects and risks you could experience by taking them. These pills may not meet the FDA guidelines that are there to ensure your health and safety. 

Additionally, it is imperative that before any abortion procedure tests are run to make sure that the pregnancy is not ectopic, that no STI is present, and that you are not too far along – all of which can cause major complications.

You have to ask yourself - is ordering the Abortion Pill online safe?

In order to make an informed decision regarding your pregnancy, you should get a medical-grade pregnancy test performed by a competent medical provider.

After you have verified that you are pregnant, you will need an ultrasound to confirm you have a progressing (viable) pregnancy.

You also should be tested for STIs and treated if the test is positive. As mentioned above, certain STIs can lead to increased complications if taking the abortion pill. You need to know if you have an STI before making the decision to proceed with the abortion pill. After all, your health is of the utmost importance and an STI should never go untreated.

It is in your best interest to gather all your facts and options before paying money for a procedure to end a pregnancy that might end on its own anyway.



Sometimes, in that time between taking doses of the abortion pill, a woman may rethink her decision and change her mind. In some cases, it may not be too late to reverse the effects of the first abortion pill.

But time is of the essence – there is only a short window of time to possibly reverse the effects of that first dosage.


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